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Going through a Divorce is Hard. Our Divorce Law Services can Help Ease the Burden

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You never thought it would get to this point – but now, you’re about to separate from your spouse for good. A divorce can be a dicey situation. You need a divorce law attorney who will fight for you and stand by your side. Holt Law Firm LLC is a family law firm based in New Orleans, LA. We handle uncontested divorces the Big Easy and Baton Rouge. When you want to put an end to your marriage, call Holt Law Firm for divorce law assistance.

We'll talk to you one-on-one to understand your situation

Your divorce is a big transition in your life. You need a divorce law attorney who will not only take care of the legal nitty-gritty, but who will work with you through every sticky situation that arises. The premier divorce law attorney at Holt Law Firm will:

  • Understand your goals with the divorce
  • Fight for things that are close to your heart
  • Focus on a civil resolution to your divorce

When you receive a phone call from our office, it will be from our attorney – not an assistant or paralegal. Call Holt Law Firm today to speak with a trusted divorce law attorney in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, LA.