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Do You Need Help With Spousal Support?

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Divorce is a difficult situation for everyone involved, and financial strains add unwanted stress. After the divorce is final, you or your spouse might need spousal support to make ends meet. Holt Law Firm LLC can help you find the spousal support agreement that works for both parties. Contact Holt Law Firm today to speak to an experienced spousal support attorney about your spousal support options in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, LA.

Get the spousal support you need after a divorce

In Louisiana, there are two types of spousal support—interim and final. Holt Law Firm can work with you to determine which type of spousal support you and your spouse qualify for. Here’s a breakdown of the two different types of spousal support:

  • Interim spousal support—interim spousal support is awarded for the duration of the divorce and for up to six months after the divorce is final.
  • Final spousal support—final spousal support is awarded after the divorce is final, and the duration and amount of final spousal support is determined by the courts.

It’s important to hire a qualified spousal support attorney to handle the specifics of your case. To receive spousal support, the spouse asking for the support must show that they were free from fault prior to filing for divorce. Our attorneys can help you reach a fair decision. Call Holt Law Firm today to schedule a spousal support appointment.